Snow place like Italy (ho ho ho!)

20141228_163045The end of the year sees us cosying up inside – well, Giorgio and I and least as Gavin has been out heroically chopping a mound of wood to keep us warm for the days of sub-zero temperatures, snow and bitter north winds to come. 

But we’re not going to be idle inside; we’re also busy preparing a big Italian ‘Capodanno’ – New Year – meal for a group of 12 who are staying at a friend’s house.  Luckily our kind neighbour has agreed to come and help us make hundreds of mini filled pasta shapes called cappelletti which is one of the traditional festive foods of this region.  Also on the menu is our delicious prosciutto which we carved up a couple of weeks ago after it’s 11 months maturing in our cellar and we’re going to roast some of the ducks and rabbits that have been growing well here over the last year!

We’re looking forward to next year – now registered with several agencies, we’re hoping the bookings will come flooding in so make sure you get yours in early!  I’m hoping to do a trip to the monthly antiques market (first Sunday of every month) in gorgeous Arezzo to find some more nice things to decorate our apartments.  Also Gavin has already been hard at work finishing off bits and pieces outside such as capping walls and building some flowerbeds (destined to be filled with lavender, though Gavin is threatening to sneak some veg in them somewhere!) for the private Granaio terrace. 

Winter so far has been pretty good here with lots of bright sunny days but we are already dreaming of long, scented, warm and wine-filled evenings serenaded by cicadas and crickets.  We hope you can join us!

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