Experimenting with cheese…

This month I fulfilled a long held ambition to make my own cheese!  It was only a simple ricotta (bring 1l milk nearly to the boil, add the juice of a lemon and a splash of white wine vinegar, turn off and leave to cool for 10 mins then drain through muslin), but it was delicious.  I hope to make it over to see the farmer over the valley who keeps cows and sheep and beg some raw milk from him as I want to get experimenting with mozzarella for one, and maybe even some longer lasting harder cheeses – watch this space.

We’ve also had our first guest of the season staying – fabulous to have repeat custom from last year!  Along with that a friend has been with us taking beautiful photographs of the apartments and surrounding area which we hope will show off all our best features and get us many new bookings.

Springtime is always a busy time  – plants from the greenhouse to go out in the garden, new seeds to be sown (masses of basil this year, pesto to be made in a few months), and inevitably many more of the outside bits and bobs, DIY work that always need doing on an old property.  All being well we’ll get it all done in order to be able to start on our new kitchen in the autumn….for now though I’m content to tap away at the computer, soaking up the spring sunshine and listening to the cuckoo in the woods below…

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