Calling all carnivores….

…it’s the annual Steak Festival in our little town of Sestino!

We still have availability at the end of June (the dates of the festival are 26th – 28th June) so don’t hesitate to book your last minute stay.

As you can imagine from the title, the festival features steak – but this is no ordinary steak.  The huge white Chianina cows spend their winters in cosy barns eating meadow hay and in summer are turned out into the woods and hills in small herds to roam free.  Each group has one cow with a bell so they can be easily found and the delightful tinkling can be heard day long from our place.

Thousands of steaks are grilled over open fires each festival and these are accompanied by salads, pasta, breads, sausages – whatever you fancy, if you can manage more than a steak that is!  The festival also has local horsemen jousting, local bands playing for the traditional dances, games f0r kids, stalls and bars and music late into the night.

For those of you less steak focussed, I’ve also this week been making Rose Petal Jelly – delicious on all kinds of creamy desserts!

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