• The foraging starts….

    Well, if Spring was springing before, it has most definitely sprung now! We’ve just entertained our first ‘official’ guests and are very excited to host[…]

  • Spring is springing!

    That’s not to say it’s sprung yet, we could yet have some cold weather on the way, but we out here in Tuscany have been[…]

  • The fatted pig

    I won’t go into all the gory details but we were lucky enough this year to be able to buy a live pig and take[…]

  • A new Twelfth Night

    Christmas used to be all about Twelfth Night in Italy, or as they call it here ‘La Befana’.  Nowadays it’s more about Christmas Day itself[…]

  • Unusual fruits

    So the other day I tried cooking with an ingredient I’ve never used before, not even handled, but one which grows everywhere here.  It’s the[…]

  • We are open!

    We are delighted to announce that we are now officially open!   If you would like a holiday in the peaceful Tuscan hills near Arezzo,[…]