• In celebration of beetroot

    A different kind of blog this time as the other day I made a beetroot tarte tatin and it was just so delicious I had[…]

  • Mushrooms galore!

    Late summer truffles (tartufi neri estivi) The recent rains followed by more sun and heat have brought the smell of mushrooms to the surrounding woods,[…]

  • The season of plenty

    The season of plenty in the garden and surrounding landscape is beginning and we are inundated with ingredients and ideas to make a whole host[…]

  • Calling all carnivores….

    …it’s the annual Steak Festival in our little town of Sestino! We still have availability at the end of June (the dates of the festival[…]

  • Experimenting with cheese…

    This month I fulfilled a long held ambition to make my own cheese!  It was only a simple ricotta (bring 1l milk nearly to the[…]

  • Free range piggy goodness

    We’re not yet able to keep our own pigs so this year we were lucky enough to get a beautiful cross breed Cinta Senese (considered[…]

  • Citrus from Sicily

    Dark winter days are usually brightened by delicious oranges and lemons from Sicily, but winter this year has so far been gorgeous with bright, sunny[…]

  • Snow place like Italy (ho ho ho!)

    The end of the year sees us cosying up inside – well, Giorgio and I and least as Gavin has been out heroically chopping a[…]

  • New life at Ca’ Valenzano

    We’re very pleased to announce the birth of our little son Giorgio!  We’ve had bunnies born here, and chicks, then ducklings (practically all grown up[…]

  • Fancy an Italian working holiday?

    Life in rural Italy is an idyll, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard work sometimes!  This month we are very lucky to be joined[…]