Seasonal food

There’s always something on offer for the food lover.

In springtime there is an abundance of wild food in the form of ‘erba di campo’ – leaves that grow wild in the fields and hedgerows around us, including clematis, dandelions, chicory and bladder campion.  These all make excellent side dishes when pan braised and are also great for filling ravioli and tortellini.  We also know a secret place where we can get the exquisite wild asparagus.

Summer brings all the abundance of our vegetable garden – from artichokes early on through to our many different types of delicious tomato to aubergines, courgettes, summer squash, peppers, chillies, salads…the list is endless!  Last year we grew an estimated 34 varieties of vegetables and fruits and are always looking for new and interesting things so if you have some good seeds, do please pass them on to us!

Mid June is also time for our local town’s food festival (see the Festas page) – the Sagra della Bistecca.  This celebration of the local Chianina steak is to die for!

Autumn is a special time in the Tuscan hills – wild mushroom abound and we’ll happily take you on a mushroom hunting trip and then teach you a couple of delicious recipes for whatever we find.  The area is also famed for truffles – black truffles earlier in the season and the fantastic white ones later on.  There are three huge truffle fairs in the local area during October and November so be sure not to miss them (see our Festas page).  Late October is also olive harvest time so for fans of olive oil this is the best time to taste the new season’s finest.

Things don’t stop in winter – there’s fresh crunchy radicchio and fennel to be had from the garden, along with cabbage, kale, scorzonera, beetroot and chard.  The oranges and mandarins start flooding in from Sicily and are delicious after a hearty meal by the log-burning stove.